Certified Laboratory Grown Diamonds

The Miracle of Created Diamonds

Created diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to geological diamonds. 

Created diamonds are the most rare diamonds on earth.

A larger diamond can be cut from a created diamond crystal than from a geological crystal of the same carat weight.

All You Need to Know About Created Diamonds
Created diamonds are identical in appearance to the very best geological diamonds. Not even a jeweler can tell the difference.

The most beautiful of all diamonds are Type IIA crystals. Only 2% of geological diamonds are Type IIA. 100% of created diamonds are Type IIA.

Our ability to create diamonds is a miracle of technology, but don’t think it’s like baking cookies. The process doesn’t always work. And it isn’t cheap. And it isn’t easy. And it requires a staggering amount of energy.

But quality for quality - and price for price - created diamonds are always larger than their geological counterparts.

Here’s why:

More than 50% of the carat weight of every geological diamond is lost in the cutting process due to the irregular shape of the crystal. But the more efficient shape of created crystals means less of that precious carat weight is lost.

You get a bigger diamond for your money. Created diamonds are real diamonds. They are the most rare diamonds on earth. And you get a bigger diamond for your money. It’s just science. 

What are Manmade Diamonds/Created Diamonds?
Created Diamonds are diamonds that were produced in a laboratory. They are identical to Geological Diamonds and have exactly the same physical, optical and chemical characteristics as Geological Diamonds

How can you tell the difference between Created Diamonds and Geological Diamonds?
Since Created Diamonds and Geological Diamonds are basically identical- both are diamonds with the exact same characteristics- It is impossible to detect the difference by even an expert with a microscope. Only very expensive laboratory equipment can detect the difference. Today, only a few gemological institutes like GIA, HRD and IGI, can detect if a diamond is a Man-Made or a Geological one. Every Created Diamond that we sell carries a certificate stating that it is a Created Diamond and is also laser inscribed with the certificate number and the words "Lab Grown" on the girdle.

How are Created Diamonds manufactured?
The 2 most common ways to create gem quality diamonds:

HPHT- High Pressure High Temperature process
This process imitates the way diamonds are formed in the depths of the earth. A tiny diamond crystal is put into a chamber with carbon in the form of graphite and a metal catalyst. Under enormous pressure and very high temperature the metal catalyst dissolves the graphite and the carbon atoms bond with the tiny diamond seed and grow into a bigger diamond. The tiny diamond seed can be a Man-Made Diamond or a Geological Diamond.

CVD- Chemical Vapor Deposition
In this process a diamond seed in a form of a square is put into a reactor with a combination of gases. With the help of a microwave gun the gases are heated until they become plasma (a state where the atoms are separated from one another). The free carbon atoms are then deposited onto the diamond seed, thus growing new layers of diamonds on top of the diamond seed. The diamond seed can be a Man-Made diamond or a Geological Diamond

What are the different names and why are they called differently?
By law, these diamonds should be referred to with one of the following terms: Synthetic Diamonds, Man-made Diamonds, Laboratory Created Diamonds or Laboratory Grown Diamonds. All of these terms can be used and they refer to the same product- Man-Made Diamonds i.e. diamonds that were Created by man.

Who manufactures Created Diamonds?
There are only a handful number of laboratories throughout the world that have the technology and knowhow. They are located in the U.S., Singapore, Russia and China

Why can I get a larger diamond with Created Diamonds?
Geological Diamonds comes in many shapes and forms and the cutter has to adjust the cutting according to the irregularity of the crystal thus yielding a very low percentage. However, growing a diamond crystal in a desirable shape enable the cutter to get a very high yield. That is the reason that you can get a larger diamond for your money.

Will the Created Diamond ever change?
No, the Created Diamond is identical to the Geological Diamond in every aspect and will not change over the course of time.

Will a Created Diamond hold its value?
Created Diamonds’ value goes hand in hand with the value of Geological Diamonds. The prices may fluctuate as with any product according to the supply and demand. Experts believe that the demand for Created Diamonds will grow exponentially over the next years. However, please do not forget that there is no guarantee for the pricing level. Take a look at gold prices and see how they have fluctuated so vigorously in the past decade.

Will the insurance company cover Created Diamonds?
Insurance companies will insure your Created Diamond jewelry exactly in the same manner that they insure any other jewelry that you own.

Are Created Diamonds “fake Diamonds”?
No, they are REAL diamonds in any aspect. They have the same optical, chemical and physical properties.  The only difference is that they are made by man in a Laboratory.

Are Created Diamonds CZ or Moissanite?
No, they are REAL diamonds that were Created by man.

Who started manufacturing Created Diamonds?
General Electric was the first company to create diamonds in its Laboratories in the 1950’s. For many decades no one knew how to create diamonds that are pure enough to be in gem quality.  In the past few years with technological breakthroughs – we are now able to create gem quality diamonds in the Lab.

What colors and clarities are available with Created Diamonds?
Created Diamonds are available in any color and clarity that you would like to have. They start with D color, which is colorless, all the way down to M colored diamonds. They also come with fancy colors such as Fancy Yellow, Fancy Pink and Fancy Blue colors. Created Diamonds come with all type of clarities. They start with IF- Internally Flawless, and they go down the clarity ladder all the way to eye visible inclusions.

What sizes are available with Created Diamonds?
Created Diamonds are available as small as one point and go up in size. Commercially today- you can get Created Diamonds up to about 3 carats. Currently the world's largest Created Diamond is 10 carat.

How do I clean my Created Diamond?
You can clean Created Diamonds like you clean any other jewelry that you own. No special care is needed.

Where can I purchase Created Diamonds?
More and more Jewelry stores around the country offer Created Diamonds.

Which Gemological Laboratory will certify Created Diamonds?
I.G.I (International Gemological Institute) and Gcal (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab) certify Created Diamonds. Every Created Diamond that we sell carries a certificate and is also Laser inscribed with the certificate number and the words "Lab Grown" on the girdle.

G.I.A (The Gemological Institute of America) certifies Created Diamonds in a different way. It will issue a certificate with a general clarity and color grades. We expect GIA to change its policy shortly, and issue full certificates for Created Diamonds

How will Created Diamond be appraised?
Created Diamonds will be appraised exactly in the same manner as any other jewelry is being appraised in the market.

Are Created Diamonds legal?
Yes, one must always disclose the nature of the goods being sold. By law, Created Diamonds must be offered and sold identified as Created Diamonds. The term required for full disclosure is one of the following: Synthetic Diamonds, Man-made Diamonds, Laboratory Created Diamonds or Laboratory grown Diamonds.